Art for kids




In a child’s life, the first five years are perhaps the most important. During this time a child develops traits in learning, attitude, and self esteem. Research has shown that art can significantly contribute to a child’s development, encouraging children to interact with their environment, along with stimulating their imagination by creating and making new things.  It is through this interaction that learning takes place.


   Art provides your child with the ability to

  • experiment with colour, shape and texture through working with a wide variety of materials
  • use visual expression as a means of communication
  • express themselves openly and assert their individuality
  • experience pride in their accomplishment
  • experience sensory pleasure by working with different media
  • develop small muscle skills
  • refine hand-eye coordination
  • solve simple problems
  • enhance their creativity

Being able to create something special is important for everyone but especially for a child.   However due to our busy lives,  we are often unable to find the time each week to explore art with our children and clean up the mess it can create .

Doodle & Splat classes allow this to happen, where all ideas and materials are provided plus all the cleaning up at the end, allowing you to enjoy creating works of art with your child without the worry of the mess!

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