Messy Splatters

Our Messy Splatters sessions are for children aged 6mths – 5years and it is all about exploring and having fun!

Our Messy Splatter sessions have a huge variety of areas for wee ones to explore from the painting wall, sensory bottles to a wide variety of sensory trays which can include pasta, custard, jelly, water, rice, paper, slime, and lots more!

Messy play is such a key part of every child’s early education allowing them to gain confidence in their own imagination and it is through play that children will learn and develop. The children will be provided with tools to develop and practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Activities such as pouring, measuring, mixing, scooping, and beating will develop hand-eye coordination. Using tools such as tongs, spoons, brushes, crayons will develop their fine motor skills. Hands-on activities will allow children to compare textures such as smooth, rough, hard, and soft.

What looks like a mess to you is a learning experience for your child. There is no right or wrong way to play, it’s all about having fun!

What to expect at the Messy Splatters Session?

The session will run for 1 hour and each will have a different theme, which means different areas for the children to explore every time! Children take the lead and decide which areas they want to investigate at their own pace. Children may get messy so we recommend old clothes/vests/bodysuits (and for adults too, we recommend not coming in your best clothes as wee ones love to give a lot of cuddles especially if they are messy!). It’s always good to bring an old towel too for clean-up or messy cuddles.

Tickets £10 per child (adults are Free!) and can be booked via our shop or bank transfer. We can also take payment on the day if you let get in touch to check availability.

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